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iPhone & iPad

➤ Calc Sheets : store and manage all your calculations in calc sheets.
➤ Add comments and texts to your calculations
➤ Large screen: PopCalc uses the top part of the screen to display the lines of current and previous calculations. You can scroll through them by simply sliding your finger across the screen
➤ Real-time memory function: All numbers entered or calculated are instantly stored

➤ Quick access to stored numbers: A simple touch of a number will add it to the current calculation
➤ Real-time computation: The result is calculated instantly as you input your calculation whenever possible
➤ Instinctive to use: Enter your calculations as you would normally write them

➤ Edit your calculations: All lines of calculation can be modified or deleted at will
➤ 2 keyboards: Standard and Scientific
➤ Share your calculations: Send your calculations by e-mail or by instant messaging
➤ Smart brackets: PopCalc understands whether to open or close the brackets
➤ Smart percentages: To add 10% to a number, simply enter +10% after the number
➤ In-app purchase: Upgrade to PopCalc Pro to remove the ad banner and activate all lines of calculation and all stored numbers

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